A 6-month coaching experience for purpose-driven business owners who want to create a solid, sustainable foundation for their business and expand their profits, impact, and dreams.

with Robin Barr

This hybrid learning platform / group business coaching experience helps you dive deep into the core elements that you need to perfect so you can reach your audience and effectively share your business with those who need it the most.



Commit to yourself and your business

Learn foundational skills to help grow your business and impact

Be confident in the message you're sharing with the world

As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, you want to be everywhere, help everyone, and offer every service possible. 

But maybe you're unsure of things like clearly sharing your messaging, setting up systems and infrastructure that allow your business to grow smoothly, or attracting clients and closing sales like a dream so you actually can reach those people with your offer.

You know you were meant to share your business with the world so you can heal and transform those who need what you have the most. But how can you talk to those people if you aren’t clearly communicating how your business can help them 

(or are even reaching them)?

Understand the value you bring to the table...and how to share it

That's where Business Baseline comes in:

Communicate with your audience in words they’ll actually resonate with

Consistently set and follow-through on your goals

Learn techniques that will help you attract perfect-fit clients through your marketing and outreac

Scale your business like a pro without fear or worry that it will fall apart if one little thing goes wrong

Have a solid business communication foundation to grow on (whether this is your first business or your 50th)

You can create a profitable, sustainable (and yes, aligned and joy-filled) business that you're proud to call yours! One that is rooted in a solid purpose that you can easily share so you can make even more of a meaningful impact where the world needs it the most.


Knowing you’re reaching your perfect-fit clients with the right messaging so when it’s time to sell an offer, you get nothing but greenlights and yeses

Exceeding your income goals without trading your time for dollars because you have funnels in place that convert

Being the leader in your industry that people are attracted to so you can reach more of the people who need to hear from you the most and make an impact in this world

“I am a big fan of collaborative brainstorming and masterminding, but I am not a big fan of watching recorded videos and doing homework. But I've found that when you mash those two together and you're held accountable for making progress, you really can get so much more accomplished. Since joining Robin's Business Baseline group two months ago I’ve gotten more done defining my mission and clarifying my storybrand than I ever could have done on my own.”

Karen, Creative Confidence Coach, 2021 Business Baseline Student

gotten more done than i ever could on my own

If you know you need to focus your mission, marketing, and messaging to be more effective — but you also know you won’t guide yourself through another course or large program alone,                                     is for you!

Business Baseline

- but you also know you won’t guide yourself through another course or large program alone,
                                   is for you!

If you know you need to focus your mission, marketing, and messaging to be more effective



For 6 months, we’ll co-create a solid baseline for your business. You’ll have support, knowledge, accountability, and time to implement it all so you can feel confident in the message your business shares with the world.

It's your time

I Created Business Baseline to Give You the Knowledge You Want with the Structure You Need to Grow Your Business and Reach More People with Your Message

As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, you want to help everyone, yet the time you spend on business gets you few clients and fewer results. Business coaching with me will show you where to spend your time and energy so you can focus your efforts and reach the people who need to hear from you most.

I spent 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry as a leader in a number of corporate operational functions. For my own health, I decided to explore coaching and emotional healing.

During this time as I was running my own business and diving deep into these areas, I was hired as a coach for a large business coaching program.

After working with several hundred clients in that program over that period, I realized that what my clients needed was not only a coach, but someone who could help them co-create their messaging, marketing, business strategies.

Since building and implementing strategy is so much of what I did in my corporate life, I decided it was a great opportunity to merge my skills and experience to serve my clients from both a coaching and consulting capacity.

I combined my background in systems and business with coaching to create high-touch, personalized programs that will help you focus your energy on sustainable, impactful ways of growing your business so you can experience the freedom, ease, and fulfillment your business is meant to bring.

Hey! I’m Robin Barr

"Having an objective, unbiased person like Robin to work with was really key to my success. She has a keen eye for marketing and ensures that the customer's needs are kept up front and center. 

Without her guidance, my brand would not be poised for success like it is now, and honestly I would have no idea why it wasn't gaining any real traction. Working with Robin and the Business Made Simple messaging was the eye-opening experience that my business really needed!"

Rebecca, Zink Metals, 2021 Business Baseline Student

working with robin was key to my success

Made for you

This isn't just a course. It also isn't just a group mastermind. It’s a hybrid experience where you can hone your foundational business skills with accountability and group feedback and collaboration.

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"Having Robin’s guidance and also a little masterminding has made a huge difference. I just want to say kudos to Robin. She is masterful at tweaking the words and giving you feedback on that on an individual basis. I hate doing it- but I want the result. I would never get this done on my own.” 

- Lisa Beacham


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