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Reflect on and revitalize your business visibility strategy to help you upgrade your                                             (without you having to sacrifice every ounce of energy you have in the process)!

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What is the Vivid Visibility Reset Checklist?

Quite often, you may feel like you want to be everywhere and do it all — Instagram! Podcasts! Guest blogging! Facebook Live!

I applaud your enthusiasm… and would encourage you to pause and be intentional before you sign up for every service under the sun. Here’s why: The key to successfully marketing yourself and reaching ultimate visibility on your chosen platforms is discernment.

You must decide what you’re marketing and to whom — and only then can you claim where you’ll reach them and how.

After all, if you have the most amazing service on the planet, people need to know about it! It’s your responsibility to shine that brightly and proudly!


That’s why being visible to the audience you want to serve is so important. You need them to see you.  

This review will walk you through a clarity accelerator to help you reflect on your current visibility strategy in your business and help you discern where you’d like to focus your energy so you can have VIVID visibility!