Craft your Vision for 2021 with Clarity, Discernment, and Focus Using 5 Simple Steps to Move Your Goals from Idea to Reality

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NOV 13, 2020
10AM - 2PM EST

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The goal had clear objectives with a commitment to see them through.

There were a strategic set of steps to move from vision to fruition.

They made space for big vision and big possibilities, even the ones that seemed impossible.

You know what’s going to happen and when in order for it to be successful!

There was a detailed plan to take the idea from Day 1 to Day Ta-Done!

And learning these steps isn’t hard. After all, you’re already seeing the big picture and committed to getting there. You know there’s a big thing you want to do with your life and your business in 2021!

But those strategic steps that will get you there? That’s the missing element.

Don’t worry, I got you!

And I will not only show you how to create a strategic plan but how to make sure it’s in alignment so you can’t help but to take action now!

(We’re talking bouncing in your chair excited to go and make those goals a reality!)

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$97 $27

Together, we will                    a vision that blends soul with strategy so you can move to a level of actual implementation!




In this 4-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to clarify and think logically about your goals so you achieve them in 2021 using these steps:

And don’t worry if you can't make it live. You’ll get a recording after the workshop so you can watch and re-watch these steps anytime you need to focus and be intentional about your goals and next steps!

Once you nail these, you’ll be able to do anything!

Set strong intentions

Envision your future

Make commitments

Show up for your commitments

Surrender your expectations

These are the steps for discerning and manifesting in aligned, focused creation!

Once you have a rock-solid mindset, you’ll be able to focus your energy and clarify your goals for 2021!

This workshop is for heart-centered, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who know that business is a balance of soul and strategy and who want to take the next step to ensure they’ll achieve anything they set their mind to.

Now, don’t mistake me here - we’ll focus on clarity and discernment during this workshop, not every single idea that has entered your head. 

With these steps, you’ll have a clear plan of where you’re going in the next year and steps to make that a reality!

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I coach driven, empathic, creative entrepreneurs to connect with their purpose, move through mindset limitations, and do meaningful work that lights them up every day. 

Since my time at corporate, I’ve always had a passion for blending heart and strategy in business. We need both to thrive so you can be supported and fully aligned.

I help my people discover who they’re working with and why, then build a business strategy that supports that. When you create in this aligned space, you’ll achieve anything you desire!

Because the world needs you and your business to show up and do the work that matters most to you!

Hey! I’m Robin Barr

$97 $27

Learn the steps to have aligned business creation, focus your vision, and achieve your 2021 goals with a simple, soulful, strategic plan.

2021 is YOUR year to take action!

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