Boost your business’s visibility with an on-demand library of masterclass videos from experts on topics like podcasting, Facebook groups, and more so you can expand your impact and share your business with those who need it!

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What if you knew exactly where to put your marketing energy and resources?

What if you had clarity in your marketing so you could be vividly visible on your chosen marketing platforms, reach right-fit clients, and experience exponential results?

Ever wonder how to utilize your marketing platforms to expand your results without spending massive amounts of time or money for eyes on your content?

Maybe you think you need to be in all the places doing everything on all the marketing platforms to see results.

Or maybe you want to try something, but you have no idea where to start.

The                                            has expert advice in just about every area of marketing and visibility to help you discern and learn where to put your energy to expand your results!

Vivid Visibility Bundle

Vivid Visibility Bundle

Everybody is in such a different place when it comes to marketing. No matter where you are, though, you need to build a marketing plan that makes sense for you and your business.

The expert presenters will show you the ins and outs of their specific marketing network so you can discern whether it’s right for you right now so you can reach your clients and know how to best show up and be totally visible on that platform.

Whether you’re just beginning to market yourself or thinking about expanding into other visibility opportunities, the Vivid Visibility Bundle has expert guidance to show you where you need to be and encourage you to keep moving so you see results.

This on-demand video vault contains masterclasses with insights, tips, and actionable steps you can use immediately or save for your next expansion! The bundle never expires so you can always learn from these targeted, how-to trainings spanning multiple marketing disciplines.


$97 $67

Purchase the bundle now!

Gain access to expert advice in one place — save yourself the time and anguish of piecing together freebies and blog posts to get the right info that will help you!

This bundle was created for people-focused entrepreneurs to help you accelerate your knowledge and give you tools you can use right away to increase your business’s visibility and expand your impact.

With 9 visibility experts gathered into this one bundle, you’ll easily get the information you need — without having to download every freebie and search every blog post or Instagram feed!

Instead of flooding your brain with a lot of information, the Vivid Visibility Bundle gives you simple steps and action items you can implement right now!

With these masterclass videos, you’ll also be able to discern on which platforms make the most sense for you to be visible and give you the tools you need to make your goals happen. 

Here’s a look at the experts who will guide you to peak visibility… 

What they're saying

I loved the upbeat, soulful and enthusiastic demeanor of the presenters, plus the well-founded expertise that they shared was extremely helpful for me.

I loved the wide variety of topics and platforms that were addressed...all pertinent and valuable to growing my business.

Wonderful presenters in a comfortable, casual environment. I felt so connected with the people in each workshop.

So much great content on a diverse array of platforms. Thank you all for creating this spectacular and helpful event!

I coach driven, empathic, creative entrepreneurs to connect with their purpose, move through mindset limitations, and do meaningful work that lights them up every day. 

Since my time at corporate, I’ve always had a passion for blending heart and strategy in business. We need both to thrive so you can be supported and fully aligned.

I help my people discover who they’re working with and why, then build a business strategy that supports that. The Vivid Visibility Bundle will then show you where to reach them and unlock the full potential of your marketing plan. You’ll discern where you want to go next and learn how to do it best from experts.

Because the world needs you and your business to show up and do the work that matters most to you!

Hey! I’m Robin Barr

Welcome message and how-to use this bundle guidance from me, Robin Barr

What You’ll Get When You Purchase a Vivid Visibility Bundle

Access an on-demand library of masterclass videos from visibility experts so you can learn step-by-step how to expand your impact and reach ideal clients for your business!

9 how-to videos that guide you through the specifics about what works best on each unique visibility platform — Want to try podcasting? You’re covered. Interested in reaching out to the media? Check. Dipping your toe into the Facebook Group pond? You’ll learn how to get engagement right away!

Three curated learning paths so you can easily gather information you need without overwhelming yourself with choices:

Connect with Your Audience: Increase Your Reach on Social Media

Spread Your Word: Make Your Expertise Known

Become Discoverable: Capture the Attention of Search Engines

Access to the bundle for life - watch and rewatch as you need refreshers or want to add a network into your marketing mix

Pre-recorded Q&A sessions to learn from others just like you


Workbook with tip sheets from each expert with action steps you can take right away 


Vivid Visibility Review to help you reflect on and revitalize your business visibility strategy so you can discern what is best for you to begin with right now


Admission to the Aligned Business Accelerator Facebook Group to connect with other purpose-driven entrepreneurs


$97 $67

Learn tools and actionable tips you can use right away to up your visibility and expand your impact.

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Who is the Vivid Visibility Bundle for?

This bundle is for any purpose-driven, deeply-feeling entrepreneur. What does that mean? You have passion, you care about people and you’re looking for strategy to get out there and be seen. If you’re a coach, therapist, artist, creative, teacher, consultant… The list goes on! As long as you feel connected to and care deeply for the work you do, you’re welcome to pull up a seat!

What if I have no audience or network yet?

Not a problem! Take this opportunity to learn about many different marketing and visibility channels so you can decide which one is right for you and learn how to best utilize them when you’re starting out. And, you’ll get the bonus Vivid Visibility Review to help you reflect on what could be best for your business and discern where you want to begin.

What if I’ve been in business for years?

Marketing best practices are always evolving, so even if you’ve been in business for a long time, this is an opportunity to receive valuable insight from experts in their niche. Whether you’re already active in a particular arena or want information so you can discern if there’s a benefit for you to expand into it, this will help you focus your strategy and accelerate your knowledge of it.

Plus, each visibility expert will share tangible tips you can begin implementing the day you view it — you may decide you want to try a new network or revamp a network you already use!

I don’t know who I want to market to. Should I purchase this bundle?

Yes! When you purchase, you’ll receive a bonus workbook, my Vivid Visibility Review, that will help you gain clarity and insights into who you want to reach and where your marketing genius lies before you hit play on the masterclass videos. It’ll give you space to reflect on and revitalize your business visibility strategy. Then, you’ll learn from visibility experts to help you discern which platform is right for you and your audience, plus valuable tips to make the most of where you put your energy.

What is your refund policy?

Because this is a digital product, there will be no refunds issued. If you have questions about this policy, email

Who is the Vivid Visibility Bundle for?

$97 $67

Boost your business’s visibility with an on-demand library of masterclass videos from experts on topics like podcasting, Facebook groups, and more so you can expand your impact and share your business with those who need it!

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