The First Step To Manifesting Your Intentions

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When you hear the word manifesting, what do you picture? Possibly something along the lines of The Secret. You write down what you want, hold the vision in your mind, and it shows up on your doorstep. It seems too good to be true.

Of course, that version of manifesting is too good to be true – because it doesn’t happen that way!

When your intentions lack clarity, nothing will happen in your life. Just like the sneaky limiting beliefs are busted wide open when you focus and clarify your wishes, the same happens with manifesting your desires.

Focused, intentional action manifests many things.

But first, let’s talk about the word manifest. The word has a few meanings and can be used in a couple different. One definition is “to display or show a feeling by acts or appearance; a demonstration.” Synonyms of it in this case are “display” and “show.” It could also mean “to be evidence of; prove.”

We’re used to hearing it in the term of things “appearing” in our lives, like a miracle manifesting out of thin air. We manifested it. We thought about it and it appeared. And you didn’t even have to click your heels together or go shoe shopping for cute red shoes.

Personally, I think your relationship with manifesting will guide which definition you think of first. When I think of manifesting, I think of the manifested object proving the actions I took to get there. It’s a reward for focused effort.

Let’s say I wanted to take a trip to the beach; the trip itself is the manifestation of what I did to make it happen. Booking accommodations, serving clients and setting aside part of the income in a special vacation account, saying no to that cute throw blanket at Homegoods, booking accommodations, preparing my team for my absence… All of these are concrete steps I took before the reward of lounging on the beach could show up in my life.

Also, I know why I’m saying no to that blanket or suggesting a dinner in with friends instead of going to that new restaurant. I want to go to the beach. That vision is always guiding my decisions.

I’m not sitting around, waiting for a travel agent to show up on my doorstep with magically packed bags full of all my clothes and an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii. I’m clear on what I want and taking steps to make that intention a reality.

It Begins With One Thing, Every Time

There’s one thing that every intention must begin with if you want it to come to fruition.

But first…why aren’t you seeing results yet?

Your intentions aren’t being manifested because you’re not sure of your intentions. There’s not a singular focus that’s coursing through your veins and driving every decision you’re faced with.

When your intentions lack clarity, the Universe has no idea what to deliver to you. You also have no idea what goal you’re actively pursuing. In other words: why are you working so damn hard? What do you want the outcome, the gift, the goal of all that work to be?

Start With Clarity

Every end result starts with the intention to have, be, or do something. It’s that little voice saying, “I want that” and then doing everything in your power to be open and available to achieving it.

If you were a cartoon, you’d be the Road Runner and you’d be careening down the highway, outsmarting any distractions (and coyotes) that come your way.

That is the power of intention coupled with clarity.

When you’re making intentions, start small. Pick something that you can actually see and feel, but that’s ever so slightly out of your grasp – for now. It’ll allow you to practice clarifying your intentions and staying focused on the plan to manifest the end result.

Start small to build the habit.

Start small to start a habit. Small intentions will help you start the practice of being open and focusing your mind on larger and larger intentions to manifest. 

Setting the intention to win the lottery is a massive goal, not one that you have much control over, and the odds are not in your favor.

And you know the saying about winning the lottery. You can’t win it if you don’t buy a ticket. In other words, you won’t manifest your desires if you don’t do something to make it happen.

A daily intention is a great way to begin.

When you start with a daily intention, you’re picking something that’s inherently achievable in a small frame of time. You have a great opportunity to make it happen.

So if your intention is to visit the beach, your daily intention could be, “Today, I will find $5.”

You have clarity and it’s a small, realistic step that you could easily achieve. There are all sorts of ways you could gain $5. Take a walk and collect pennies. Return that throw blanket that you really don’t need. Send the invoice.

The point is to be creative, get into action mode, and turn a daily intention into a new habit that you do without even thinking. Daily intentions also give you a focus for your day and you know why you are doing what you’re doing.

If you aren’t coupling up with your intentions with anything else, they’re just glorified wishes. Your intentions are hollow without any kind of action plan attached. Start with clarity, know why you want to aim for it, and make it your singular focus.

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