Three Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group

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As entrepreneurs, nothing feels better than finding a group that gets us, especially since we tend to work in isolation for most of the day.

Coming from the corporate world where I needed silence in the car during my commute to decompress before entering home and going to entrepreneurship was a stark difference in terms of collaboration and brainstorming. There used to be a team around me all the time!

Especially when you’re coming from the corporate environment and structure, it’s so important to find a community and friendship among other entrepreneurs. It’s the key component to a fulfilling life and a successful business.

When I heard about the opportunity to join a mastermind, I was immediately drawn to it as a solo business owner. I was learning and growing into the next business stage and had a community of support while doing so. Without a doubt, the support I’ve invested in has gotten me to levels I couldn’t get to on my own.

And, if you need more persuasion, here are my top reasons to join a mastermind group and experience peer collaboration and expert guidance in one supportive container.

Like-Minded, Supportive Peers

What called me to be part of a mastermind group was born partly out of isolation. No one tells you that entrepreneurship is lonely! Sure, solo business ownership means we can do our errands on Wednesday afternoon when no one is out, but even that solitary experience loses the novelty! There are days when I won’t do a mobile Starbucks order just so I can talk to someone other than my partner.

It’s incredibly powerful (as an entrepreneur) to be surrounded by like-minded people because people in your everyday life don’t quite understand the type of work you’re doing, especially for heart-centered people. This type of heart-centered work isn’t clear to an outside person.

There’s also the benefit of the co-creation and collective mind. Within a mastermind, you get many brains working to help you solve a problem. There’s a collective basis of information to draw from and experience to learn from.

Encouragement and Support

Like your friends and family, masterminds will give you encouragement and support. The distinction here is a level of empathy that you get within a supportive environment where you can all draw from similar experiences (that you may not get from folks at home).

I’ve been a part of various masterminds throughout the years and they all have one thing in common: encouragers.

We all need to be among those who encourage us in a safe space and mastermind groups have that in spades. These folks will lift you up and they’ll give you the opportunity to do the same.

When you encourage others, you get positivity as well. Community is a two way street and the support of a group like this is about giving and receiving. 

Accountability and Consistency

Not much more explanation is needed than that! Some folks are self-starters and don’t need to have external forces to hold them accountable to what they say they’ll do. Other folks are different.

Either way, life happens. We have to care for ailing family members, do the laundry, and walk the dog. These urgent (and not-really-so-urgent) tasks pop up and derail us from our goals if we let them.

(How many times has a family member said to you, “But you work from home, can’t you do it?” as if they conveniently forgot you were working and were simply at home all day.)

Mastermind groups help build your accountability muscles. Like practicing giving and receiving encouragement, you also get the opportunity to practice holding others accountable to their goals in supportive, caring ways while also being held to yours.

Further, there’s consistency when you’re an intimate, supportive community. You have peers and a leader who know your business story and will offer feedback based on your history together.

Because of that, you have a safe container to play and experiment. When you report your findings back to the group, you don’t have to catch everyone up on everything you’ve done before. You can simply focus on the present, ask for advice, and know that it’s coming from a well-informed group.


There are different mastermind groups based on where you are in business, what your business model is like, if you prefer intimate groups or ones with lots of people in them, and more. No matter what group you select, it helps if you’re all at similar stages.

Whether you prefer a peer-led, a coach-led, or other type of mastermind group, I’d encourage you to find a container of some kind that supports you and your business as you grow. Try as they might, the people around you most likely don’t understand the work you are called to do and what entrepreneurship is all about.

Within a safe space, with a qualified leader, and with peers who can empathize, your business will flourish. Thankfully, I found mastermind groups and my business has never been the same! If you’re feeling like you could use some support as a solo business owner, let’s talk! I love supporting driven entrepreneurs (that’s you!) to achieve their full potential and live a life they love!
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