Mindset and Mantra: I Have Enough

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When you combine strategic planning with soul, you’re allowing yourself to find support and alignment from all places – support from peers, coaches, relatives, friends, and also Universal Support.

Checking in with Universal Support is an essential part of my daily business tasks. I delegate to my team – human and spiritual beings – to help me stay in alignment. I also check with Universal Support to find the next right step for me to take when I’m not sure where to turn.

To paraphrase Tosha Silver, “I’m going to do my best, but I’m giving this to you to help guide me.” That is what asking for Universal Support is all about.

Another way I like to use Universal Support to find evidence that there is enough in the world. I believe that any project, whether it’s creating a course for your business or starting a garden, begins with a deep understanding of why you are doing it in the first place.

When you create from lack and scarcity, you will produce from a misaligned ideology. You haven’t soulegized and your project will begin (and continue to be) off-kilter. But when you come into creation with an essential understanding that you are enough, you have enough, and there is enough… your project will flourish and add to this already abundant universe

Let’s focus on enough and rewrite our stories to see there really is enough in this generous universe. Then let’s ask Universal Support to align our mindset to open our eyes to how there is always enough.

Mindset: There is Always Enough

My grandparents grew up in the time of the Great Depression. They would talk about slicing the ham so thin you can read through it. Arguably, that period of American history is fraught with people not having much… Now,  we have more than we need, whether it’s food or ideas. There is plenty to sustain us.

When you picture enough, you may see having all of something. You have enough for now and for the future. You won’t run out.

Here’s the funny thing about us humans. We’re incredibly adaptable and we can work with what we have. Sometimes enough means the piece of ham you can see through and you’re thankful. Other times, it’s a full plate with a chicken breast, green beans, and mashed potatoes. You’re still thankful, though you have more than a slice of ham. Either way, you are sustained.

The key is that we can live with less than we think is possible, but we can’t live entirely without. Learning to tell the difference between sustained and surplus (and knowing that enough is a balanced state between the two) is where the idea of enough comes in.

When You Have Too Little

Humans can live with less than we think we need. Right now, we’ve become accustomed basically to snapping our fingers and having our Whole Foods order show up. (Trust me, that luxury of speed and the fact that you can order whatever you want and have it sent to you in a short time frame is a surplus. I know it feels like even that isn’t enough on some days!)

In business, you need ideas and infrastructure. You can live and survive with less infrastructure and certainty for a period and you can still get by. Sure, it’s more painful; it isn’t easy and it takes more time. But you will still be sustained.

Then, there are conveniences and economies of efficiency that are lost when you have bare-bones infrastructure. That’s when you’ve cut back so much, you’ve tipped the scales from a place of balanced enough to too little.

When You Have Too Much

On the other side, overengineering and overconsuming is a waste of time. How many times have you waited and gathered information (and waited a little more) to make a decision. You were waiting for “enough” information to make a move. It’s tempting to want to pause and make sure you’re taking every detail into consideration.

That waiting – and gathering of too much information and time – is wasteful. That’s when there’s a surplus, or more than enough, yet you still don’t take action.

The Goldilocks of Enough

Like a balanced brain will work optimally, so will our lives and businesses work optimally when we’re in a balanced state, too. Enough is a happy medium between too much and too little.

Think of the brain like Goldilocks. The brain doesn’t deal with not enough dopamine. And too much of a good thing is still too much. We want to be just right.

There is a point where it is too little and there’s no efficiency. Then, there is a point where there’s too much and it feels burdensome.

What does it feel like when you have no guidance? You float around, not sure of what to do from one moment to the next. In this “not enough” place, you’re experiencing a state of imbalance. You lack efficiency, support, and structure to work efficiently.

What does it feel like when you have too much infrastructure? It’s possible you’re too scheduled, too systematized. Then, you become less efficient because you’re going through unnecessary steps. Even though you’d think lots of structure would make your work easier, it doesn’t. Remember: Goldilocks.

To thrive in that Goldilocks state of just right, find where things flow. Too little means too much of your time. And sometimes too much means too much of your time. Efficiency happens when you have a little structure and a little freedom. Then, you have enough.

Mantra: Enough

I am enough.

I have enough.

I am taken care of.

There is plenty for everyone.

Everything in my life serves a higher purpose.

I am in balance.

I will not run out of ideas.

I will not run out of possibility.

I have everything I need.

Be here now.

I am thankful for what I have.

It is just right.

Release these worries to the Universe and ask for support to show you evidence that you have enough.

What do you notice in yourself as you breathe and relax into these statements? What state of enough were you visualizing? I’d love to hear – share your story in the comments!

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