Soulegize to Create an Aligned Business Strategy

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When you soulegize, your business strategy is aligned with who you are and how you feel called to serve. To propel your business forward, soulegize!

When people think strategy, they typically think it’s either all a strategic numbers game or that strategy is all left brain and analytical. But the truth is this: strategy and soul are not separate. It isn’t one or the other. It’s a both/and situation. Soul and strategy together will propel your business forward.

I call this mashup Soulegize. When you soulegize, you’re building a business strategy that’s aligned with who you are as a unique individual, how you feel called to serve, your values, and the mindsets that support your greatest fulfillment in the world.  

Here’s how you can use the concepts of soulegizing to align your business strategy with soulful intention. You’ll be able to find your soul’s purpose for creating a business and bring the calling that’s deep within you out into the world.

What is Soulegize?

At its core, “Soulegizing” is strategic planning with lots of soul! Everything we create starts with an idea. While you’re working to create a plan in the detailed, strategy phase of doing business, you don’t want to lose that idea. That’s your soul’s reason for bringing this work forward.

Soulegize means honoring what your soul is asking you to create and offering something that solves problems for your clients using strategic thinking.

In short: soulegize is to strategize with the soul’s direction. The soul informs the strategy. We have the honor what you feel like is your deepest calling as you’re creating pieces of the strategy.

Why Soulegize?

If you don’t listen to your soul when you’re beginning to create and plan, things just become empty to-dos. Soulegizing your creations helps you avoid burning out, splattering, and being unfulfilled because you’ll know that what you’re doing will always resonate with your deepest desires.

It’s okay when things shift and soulegizing can help you do that with grace. Sometimes, a plan will make total sense in the moment. To get confirmation that it’s a yes, you have to listen for alignment.

Listening for your soul is so important because there are always going to be good ideas. It’s picking the one that honors your values and who you want to become and what you’re hoping to create in the world. That’s the one you’ll actually implement.

What Does it Mean to Soulegize?

The elements of soul and strategy create a master driving plan for your business (and life). When you do this right, you’re merging the brilliance of a good strategy as it’s driven from the soul. That’s how you know you’re soulegizing.

When you soulegize, you’re creating from a place of deep alignment and integrity first and foremost. You’re asking your Inner Wisdom what it needs to say.

Then, once you’re clear in that mindset, you layer on the business strategy. When you do it in this order, the two come together to create a more aligned and fulfilling business.

There Are Answers in the Gray

So many business owners think that you have to do it one particular strategic way OR you honor your soul. It isn’t either/or. 

There’s always a way to intermingle and honor both so you find your solution in the gray when you bridge the strategy and the soul.

In fact, in order to get to a high vibration of creation and attraction, you have to get into action. And in that vibrational plane, action is not struggle and strain. There, it flows and winning solutions present themselves.

I was so magical at this in my corporate career. I was always able to find a solution that honored both without compromise: “How do we get this AND this?”

Everything from a report that needed specific data points to a business system to an organizational structure… I’d find a way to do it that honored it all. My brain has always liked to do these types of mental gymnastics!

Start Your Business Strategy With Your Soul’s Calling

As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” When you can explain your mission clearly and passionately, you have expressed emotions that your customers need to hear from you.

Further, when you take action based on that reason, it proves that you believe in what you are doing. This aligned action is the winning strategy piece of soulegize.

Because, when you soulegize, you can’t have one without the other. You can’t have a deep soul calling, but create something that doesn’t honor that. Similarly, you can’t implement a strategy for an offering or product that you don’t fully believe is yours to sell. It’ll all be out of whack.

How Can You Soulegize?

It’s easy to get into a soulegized state. All you have to do is allow both creativity and what resonates with you to help build a winning strategy.

This is different than blending the soul and strategy that you may have heard before. This is rebelling against the traditional way of thinking to create a new tradition where, in Marie Forleo’s terms, everything is figureoutable.

You’re going to think strategically after you think about what your winning aspiration happens to be (in other words: why you want to do this work).

Simon Sinek uses a concept he calls “The Golden Circle” to articulate how to align what we do in our business with our why. The Golden circle puts your WHY in the center, surrounded by the HOW, and then the WHAT.  He says that when we start with why, we’re creating from “the inside out” instead of from “the outside in.”  

That way, you can think and act from the inside out (the inside here happens to be your soul’s calling). Then, you think about how you can bring that forth and what your offer happens to be.

Take some time to sit and really connect with your WHY. Then, look at HOW you deliver your services, WHAT you deliver, the problems you solve, and results you deliver. What might you want to change to align your HOWs and WHATs with your WHY?

What’s great about soulegizing is that you are creating from a place of inner knowledge and this alignment is what will propel your business and its strategy forward with energy. Soulegizing your business strategy might provide some insight into what might inspire you and your clients even more fully!

Want to learn more about Soulegizing? Join me in the Aligned Business Accelerator! We talk all about mindset, strategy, and blending the two together to create from alignment!

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