Mindset and Mantra: Gratitude to Shift your Attitude

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We’ve had another year for the record books and our mindsets tuned to gratitude might not be as strong going into this holiday. While we’ve had a better summer, we’re still in this long-tail burnout of covid.

The more we focus on the good things, the more likely that’s what we’ll start to see around us. It’ll help us to push through in this burnout phase we’re in and certainly help ourselves this holiday season!

Of course, I’m not suggesting to gratitude-bypass everything you come into contact with; processing negative emotions is a necessary part of the human experience. But with practice of seeing the good and adopting an attitude of gratitude, it’ll be easier to manage when those negatives do arise.

Mindset: Gratitude for a Better Attitude

Creating healthy habits around gratitude now will ensure that when stressful times do arise (like the holidays, for example), you’ll have a strong practice that can be a port in the storm. You’ll naturally be able to draw on it and its power because it’s a habit that’s already within you.

Again, I am not suggesting that you gratitude-bypass everything and totally ignore important signs or refuse to process negative emotions. For example: several clients of mine have had a pretty battered year and now they’re going into their least favorite time. I can certainly empathize with that and wouldn’t suggest to anyone to “just be happy” as a way to get through it.

Sometimes you just need to get the frustration out and yell damnit as loud as you can over and over. Then, when you’re done moving the negative energy through you, shifting into a gratitude practice or mindset will help you find your center once more.

Something I love about gratitude and mindfulness practices is that the more often you do it, the easier and faster you can re-center yourself after a negative experience. Instead of something completely derailing your day, you can feel the “bad feeling,” then shift your attention back to a more supportive mindset.

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Mantra: Gratitude Exercises

Use the attitude of thankfulness to help you get through the difficult times and/or when stresses come up. Here’s how you can use a few simple gratitude exercises to shift your mindset and find calm within yourself.

Journal for Gratitude

Begin by tapping into the physical and emotional comfort that you have around you. Creating a scene like this will help your mind relax since the physical world around you is calm and comforting. Find a comfy spot and surround yourself with things that make you feel happy and/or in alignment with your values.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and write down everything you’re grateful for right now. It could be that family and friends (and you!) are healthy, you have everything you need, there’s a roof over your head. It could also be that you’re wearing your favorite pants or that you love your new haircut. Whatever is filling your cup, write it down.

Thank the things on your list for being here. Send gratitude, warmth, and love out to the universe for them. And give thanks for yourself for taking the time to notice these things.

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Notice What’s Around You

If you’re in an area where you can’t pull out your journal and write down absolutely everything that feels good right now (maybe you’re in traffic or waiting to check out at a store and it’s taking forever), observe what’s around you.

Mindfully appreciate and give thanks for what you notice. You’re healthy and able to venture to the store. You have a car with heated seats. Whatever it is, look at each thing with wonder, like a child approaching something new and magical. Feel the energy of appreciation as you give thanks for what you see.

Complain and Switch

This is another great tool if you need a fast re-centering of your attitude. It’s a great daily practice as well. And it goes like this:

Every time you complain about something, also say what you’re thankful for. One complaint, one thankful thing. That’s it!

Not only does it help you get into the mindset of gratefulness because you’re looking for things to be thankful for, you’ll also start to naturally notice those things and call them around you, even without complaining first, because you’re in the mode of appreciating what’s around you.

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Gratitude can help us get through the holidays with difficult family members and/or other stresses that come up. It’s a daily practice that allows you to refocus and re-center yourself so you can be happy and healthy for yourself. Remember that gratitude can shift our attitude in a minute!

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