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Do you know the health of your business? If you’re like a lot of my clients when they first come to me, you may not know the problem spots in your business. If you do, you may not know how to address them. Often, we’re inside the jar of our business and need someone to help us read the big-picture label.

That’s where My Business Report from Business Made Simple comes in. It walks you through the six parts of your business and tells you what areas need attention to improve the health of your business. When you know how to effectively and efficiently work with these six parts of your business, you’ll have a sustainable, impactful business!

Let’s talk about this report and the benefits you’ll receive from taking this (very thorough) assessment. And if you can’t wait, click here to take the My Business Report from Business Made Simple!

What’s In My Business Report?

The My Business Report will take the mystery out of your business. Let’s be honest, I’m sure there are areas of your business that feel more challenging than you’d like them to be. This report will show you what you’re doing well and what needs attention. You’ll receive a checklist that highlights the action steps you’ll want to take to shore up these areas of concern.

Not only will you get a high-level overview of what’s going well and what’s not, you’ll also receive a detailed report of what’s going on in the six key areas of your business. This report breaks down your strengths and weaknesses with in-depth, specific action steps so you can keep doing more of what’s working and address what isn’t.

This assessment is thorough, like I said! Luckily, I’m a Business Made Simple Certified Coach. That means I can help you navigate any areas of concern because I’ve been trained to guide you through any recommendations that you’ll get when you take the My Business Report.

What Are The Six Areas of Business?

You may be wondering what these six key areas of business are. While every business is different, you can count on each one having these same six parts. Business Made Simple uses an airplane to illustrate the parts of your business. They are…

Leadership — The Cockpit. Learn to lead with confidence.

Marketing — The Right Engine. Clarify your message and build a profitable sales funnel.

Sales — The Left Engine. Share your story in a way that draws potential customers to you and streamline your sales message.

Products (or Services) — The Wings. Determine which products make the most impact and profit and which need to be released.

Overhead — The Body. Keep overhead low and assess whether you’re spending money in areas that don’t produce profit.

Cash Flow — The Fuel Tanks. Ensure you have enough cash reserves so your plane stays up in the air.

All of these parts need to work in tandem (and proportionally) in order for the plane (AKA your business) to fly. After all, a plane with too small engines and wings but a body the size of a blimp won’t get very far off the ground before crashing.

Wondering what kind of plane your business looks like? Click here to take the My Business Report from Business Made Simple!

Why Should I Take the My Business Report Assessment?

If you want to refine and optimize your business, you must take the My Business Report from Business Made Simple! You can begin working through the recommendations to see results right away. You’ll know exactly what to do to make your business more profitable and impactful.

My Business Report will give you a detailed report of your business based on an in-depth assessment questionnaire. Some of these questions won’t always make the most sense for your business, especially if you’re a solopreneur, but answer them the best you can. You’ll still benefit from the report you get back.

It’s good to test and change based on an analysis of strengths and weaknesses. It isn’t good to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. This report will help you analyze what’s going well and what needs improvement. It won’t waste your time or give you strategies that won’t work for you!


As a Business Made Simple Certified Coach, I can say that the frameworks they share are simple and easy to follow. They’ll help you see where you may need to shore up your business and give you a checklist to follow so you can address these problem spots.

If you need a hand implementing these improvements in your business or you want to brainstorm a custom plan to make these changes easier for you, let’s talk! Click here to book a call with me so we can discuss how we can co-create a roadmap for success and impact!

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