Mindset and Mantra: I Surrender…

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We’re constantly balancing our free will and the will of the Universe (or the things we can influence. There are other laws than the law of attraction!)

Either way, it’s a dance between taking action, building intention and commitments, and showing up in service of the things we want. After that, we must surrender our intentions and trust that the next right step will come to us and lead us into action.

Yes, I said lead us into action.

Part of surrendering is taking action! I know. It sounds like an oxymoron.

It’s also incredibly frustrating not to know what to act on and to let things percolate a little longer. That said, part of surrender is trusting that when the next right action is shown, you can (and will) take action on the guidance you receive.

It’s important to note that surrender is not abdication. It isn’t throwing a temper tantrum when you ask the Universe if it has any 8s and it tells you to go fish.

It’s knowing that you can ask for an 8 and that after you make the ask, your influence is no longer relevant. You’re waiting to see the response and finding out what action you will take. Do you get your 8-card match or do you draw from the pool?

Mindset: Surrender and Listen To Your Intuition for the Next Right Steps

The act of surrendering and pausing while we wait for the path to unfold can be frustrating. You may feel that pull to say, “Okay, Universe, do it for me! The ball is in your court!”

Decide What You Need To Open The Pathway

Ask yourself “Am I in chaos and not knowing what to do or do I have a belief that this has to happen right now?” Your answer will reveal a lot. Then, you can invite balance back into your brain and allow intuition to come through.

If you’re in chaos, invite structure back into your mind by focusing on your intentions. Really visualize them and hold open a dialog with the Universe.

If you’ve given yourself so much focus, you’ve become rigid and can only imagine one possible outcome. When that happens, get out of the crunch by inviting in trust and space. Breathe and be still. 

Once you know how to bring yourself back to balance, you’ll hear intuition about what you need to do next. It may be needing more structure. It may be more creativity. Could be either, it just depends.

Observe and Listen… Then Act

That’s the thing about surrender; we’re all inherently impatient. We want to see the next step right away. Our analytical minds crave decisions. And when we don’t get them right away, we want to grasp and force things that may not be ready to be revealed.

Sometimes, we need to be still and we have to observe for longer than we’re comfortable with.

But once you hear what you need to do, it’s important to take action. Like I said, surrender is not abdication. It is not sitting around and waiting for something to happen to you. Surrender is trusting that you have done all you can do.

When you surrender and detach from the outcome, you can remain an observer. You’ll be able to listen, learn, and take action using the wisdom of the wisest part of you.

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I surrender…

I recognize that the world is not all about me.

I surrender to listening for the next right action.

I will listen to my intuition and will follow the guidance that’s shown to me.

I gracefully accept the path shown to me, even if it is not the outcome I hoped for.

I surrender to what I cannot control.

I surrender to what is.

I surrender my expectations.

I let go of outcomes.

I have faith in what will be.

I will notice reminders from the Universe that things will unfold in their own time.

I allow the next right step to appear when it is time.

I take decisive action along the next right path the Universe shows me.

I will act when the Universe gives me guidance.

I surrender to the highest guidance of the Universe.

It can be very frustrating to be in a place of surrender. Some want to take action and continue pivoting in new directions. Other people are more adept at slowing down to listen to intuition.

If you’re feeling that frustration in your decision making, I’d encourage you to really surrender and listen. Hold your intentions close and trust. Then, listen for the next right step and from there, take action. It’ll take practice knowing when there’s enough information for you to make a decision, but if you breathe and slow down, you’ll hear it.

How do you know when it’s time to take action?

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